Statistics for Nursing Research:A Workbook for Evidence-Based Practice

护理研究统计 第3版


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3rd ed.
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Learn how to better interpret and apply the statistical methods used in nursing and health sciences research articles with Statistics for Nursing Research: A Workbook for Evidence-Based Practice, 3rd Edition. Perfect for those seeking to more effectively build an evidence-based practice, this collection of practical exercises guides you in how to critically appraise sampling and measurement techniques, evaluate results, and conduct a power analysis for a study. Written by nursing research and statistics experts Drs. Susan K. Grove and Daisha Cipher, this is the only statistics workbook for nurses to include research examples from both nursing and the broader health sciences literature. This new third edition features new research article excerpts and examples, an enhanced focused on statistical methods commonly used in DNP projects, new examples from quality improvement projects, new content on paired samples analysis, expanded coverage of calculating descriptive statistics, an online Research Article Library, and more! Whether used in undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral education or in clinical practice, this workbook is an indispensable resource for any nursing student or practicing nurse needing to interpret or apply statistical data. Comprehensive coverage and extensive exercise practice address all common techniques of sampling, measurement, and statistical analysis that you are likely to see in nursing and health sciences literature. Literature-based approach uses key excerpts from published studies to reinforce learning through practical application. 36 sampling, measurement, and statistical analysis exercises provide a practical review of both basic and advanced statistical techniques. Study Questions in each chapter help you apply concepts to an actual literature appraisal. Questions to Be Graded sections in each chapter help assess your mastery of key statistical techniques. Consistent format for all chapters enhances learning and enables quick review. NEW! Updated research articles and examples are incorporated throughout to ensure currency and relevance to practice. NEW! Enhanced focus on statistical methods commonly used in DNP projects and expanded coverage on calculating descriptive statistics broadens your exposure to the statistical methods you will encounter evidence-based practice projects and in the literature. NEW! Examples from quality improvement projects provide a solid foundation for meaningful, high-quality evidence-based practice projects. NEW! Research Article Library on Evolve provides full-text access to key articles used in the book. NEW! Content on paired samples analysis familiarizes you with this type of research analysis.
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