Get Rich With Dividends, Second Edition:A Proven System For Earning Double-Digit Returns(Agora Series)

用股息致富 第2版:赚取两位数回报的行之有效系统


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2nd ed.
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A comprehensive, updated guide to dividend investing that shows how to obtain double-digit returns with ease. Dividends are responsible for 44% of the Ss returns over the last 80 years. Today they present an excellent opportunity, especially with investors who have been burned in the dot com and housing meltdowns, desperate for sensible and less risky ways to make their money grow. Designed to show investors how they can achieve double-digit average annualized returns over the long-term, Get Rich with Dividends, Second Edition: A Proven System for Earning Double-Digit Returns is the book youll need to get started making money in any market. The beauty of dividend investing is that its extremely easy to understand and takes up almost none of the investors time. The investor doesnt have to constantly watch over their investments, and can focus on other things, secure in the knowledge that the system is working and they are accumulating wealth or generating the income they need on a quarterly or even monthly basis. Using the authors proprietary 10-11-12 System, investors can achieve average annual returns of 12% or more, if they know which stocks to invest in and how to do so - even with below average growth in the share price.      Dividend investments are easy to set up and require little to no maintenance, and this book shows you how to do it.  A method so easy to use, youll want to teach your children how to do it early, setting them up for financial independence and avoiding the problems that plagued many investors over the past decade Full of expert advice from a 15-year veteran of equity markets. By showing investors how to find and invest in these unique but conservative and proven stocks, Get Rich with Dividends, Second Edition is the only book on dividend investing youll ever need.
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